Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Time..

Hye.. This is my first time blogging. Can't think what to write,what to tell nor what to do. It's like I've just signed up for primary school.. Well,i'l tell you my name. Da name is Syafiq Haizal. All of you out there can call me syafiq,haizal,Eiz,fiq or even S.H(which mean syafiq haizal)..I have lots of nicknames depending on who's calling me at that time or place! like a BATMAN ah who have two profiles..


As April 8th passed by,18 years has passed by. Through time, i've gained a lot of experience that I dont think I can achieve again . The eldest son of Sazalee's Family now is more matured from the past he through. Pain show us victory; as wise Chinese man once said "No paiN,No GaiN"..
With the power of my will, i'm determined to change to a better person.. Like President of the United States' Barrack Obama once said.."change we can believe in" ... hope i can fulfill that.. haha..

To all bloggers out there,do pray for me and kindly help me as we can be friends. Maybe some of your info can be usefull for me or etc.

P/S; (this is the opening post)..


  1. tipu!! batman manada profile!

  2. haha...

    ti le pasal org pangil die batman..

    ramai yg ta kenal die..